Airbonder® is a result of development with focus on the needs of the airlaid industry. Know how from leading experts from the industry in Denmark have created the Airbonder bico series of fibers. Airbonder will bind to other fibers such as fluff pulp or other natural and synthetic fibers. 

We know how - Fiberpartner’s many years of experience in dealing in raw materials are evident in today’s global activities. A worldwide network across raw materials, machinery and finished products makes Fiberpartner unique within the industries of staple fibres, technical yarns and plastics. 

Through constant development and improvement of products and services to clients and suppliers, Fiberpartner is striving to be the preferred partner of companies dealing in raw materials. 

The focus is on customer needs – Fiberpartner will locate, get manufactured and deliver – with the best quality/price ratio in the market. 

And that’s not all 

Fiberpartner has developed 2 types PE/PP and PE/PET core-sheath construction in various deniers and cut lengths to suit the different technologies on the market.

In addition 100% polyester & PP PLA and PLA bico is supplied

Airbonder series of bico fibers for airlaid application are short cut fibers, slightly crimped, developed to bond fluff pulp or other types of fibers and create a nonwoven.

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